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Mathos Football World is an American Football Fan Site that began as Mathos Football (UK) (through Geocities.com) as my first attempt at a website in 2002 before being renamed to its current name in 2007 and then being affiliated with my Dad's own website NT-Associates.com in 2010. The 2014 season is its 8th season and my 26th season (since 1988) as a fan.
It is the only website that incorporates 153 Leagues/Conferences across College, Indoor/Arena and Outdoor (including Canadian Football and the Mathos Football League) and incorporating both Australian Rules Football & Rugby League (American Football Style)) as well as 52 Defunct Leagues/Conferences covering 145 years of sporting excellence across 32 countries in Australia, Europe, New Zealand & North America.
No historical helmet archive (see The Helmet Project) is available with only new Home/Primary helmets (left side only) being added due to the amount of so many College Football teams having multiple helmets throughout the season. Some helmets will show the right side logo if the left side does not have one (see the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers).
All logos are the property of the respective professional team or college and not this website, so please reference my website and in turn I will link to your website.
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Updated: 22 October 2014